•  Besouro's fight on Largo da Cruz 

    It so happens that after he was thrown out of the Army, the Law demanded that Besouro would be locked up and punished for the supposed aggression against policeman Argeu. The process contains a summons of 23rd May of 1919 for Besouro to show up at Largo da Palma and, following that, informs that the defendant is a fugitive.


    The formidable Besouro Mangangá worked for colonel José Antônio Rodrigues Teixeira, “Zeca Teixeira”, who was then the landlord of the Santo Antônio do Rio Fundo farm. In that place the capoeirista spends the last years of his life, when he arrived there asking for protection running from police for the disrespect towards a civil policeman in one of the police quarters in the bahian capital.

    Jacob, 2004

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