• Santo Amaro
     Death certificate 
    5th September 1925

    • Death certificate

    Death certificate

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      Santa Caza da Mizericórdia of the City of Santo Amaro, on 5th September 1925.

      Certificate given as verbally requested by Dr. João de Cerqueira e Souza, Public Defender of Municipality, and ordered by Dr. Virgilio Diniz de Lima, the Chief of Clinical Service at the Hospital da Mizericórdia, and so on.

      I certify as ordered by the Chief of Clinical Service of this Hospital da Santa Caza da Mizericórdia, having reviewed the books of entrances and exits of the sick, the pages 42 of book nr 3, lines 16, citation 418 consists of the following entry: Manoel Henrique, a dark mulatto, unmarried, 24* years of age, from Urupy, resident of the Maracangalha Mill, profession cowboy, entered on 8th July 1924 at 10:30 and died at 7 hours in the evening of a cold weapon wound to the abdomen. Here I state accurately what was written there. I, Jerônymo Barboza, nurse, wrote it and sign.

      Jeronymo Barbosa. Nurse.

      * correct 29

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