• Grand magic of fava beans

      Kill a black cat, bury it in your yard, put a fava bean in each of its eye, another below the tail and another in each ear. After you've done all this, cover it with earth and water it every night, exactly at mid-night, with a lot of water until the favas that should have broken out are ripe; and when you see that this is how they are, you cut them from foot.

      After cutting take the beans back home and put them one by one in your mouth. When, however, it appears to you that you are invisible, it is because the fava that you have in your mouth has the presice magic power, and so when you fancy to go to a place where nobody should see you, you put the fava in question to your mouth.

      This serves for an occult virtue without the need to make a pact with devil, as do the witches...


      When you are watering the favas many fanthoms will appear to you with an end to scare you so that you wouldn't follow your intent. The reason for this is very simple. This is because the devil is very envious of whom uses this magic, without

    • first giving himself to him in body and spirit, as do the witches, they call women of virtue. However don't be scared because they will do you no harm and for this you first have to make the sign of the Cross and at the same time say the Creed.

    The Great Book of Saint Cyprian

    The Great Book of Saint Cyprian

    This is the book mentioned by M João Grande.

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