• Gentio do Ouro a Manaus
     Family with Índia Mansa from the Juçara tribe 

    The story

    «I spent 3 years and six months in Horácio de Matos's gang. The last fire I gave was in the Gentio do Ouro mountains.

    It was at midnight one day when we were in a farm waiting for the police when I dreamt with the spirit of my father asking me to leave there. When I woke up, I complied. I ran all around the farm, everybody was sleeping, I got to the bullet box, filled two waist bags and ran. I threw the bag on my back and ran from the gang.

    I went to Manaus. There I thought I was close to the gang. Afraid of them to find me I went to Rio Branco, that at that time was Acre's terrotory. Today it's the capital. But when I got to Rio Branco there were a lot of mosquitos, there was fever and typhus... I returned to Manaus. In Manaus I built a family with an indian woman from the Juçara tribe. I had two children with her (I was fulfilling a mission), then I had news that the rebels where taking off from Ceará.»

    M Cobrinha Verde in dos Santos, 1991

    Three years and six months after joining the Gang [of Horacio de Matos], he had a dream where his father asked him to leave the hired gun life. He woke at dawn and ran from the gang. He went to Manaus where he came to "construct a family" with an indian girl, with whom he had two children.

    Castro, 2007

    Gentio do Ouro to Manaus


    • Manaus, 1928

    Manaus, 1928

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