•  Started to teach capoeira Angola 

    «In 1935, I was already working in my profession [of mason]. I had already gone through my times of the army. I was working in my profession. This was around 1936 to 1937. Around this time I started to teach in Fazenda Garcia, known as Curva Grande. I went down to Curva Grande, taught these kids every Sunday, in the middle of the street. Then I went to Bogum to help Bimba. He followed my instructions.»

    «Here in Salvador, I can't even count the students that I've had. Mainly because there are so many I can't remember. I started to teach before Bimba, Pastinha*... I went from Fazenda Garcia to give lessons to Bimba and help him give lessons to his students in Bogum, Engenho Velho da Federação.»

    M Cobrinha Verde in Santos, 1991

    [M Cobrinha Verde] started to teach capoeira Angola for free as he liked to stress, in Fazenda Garcia, after having left the army. That time he spent time with Bimba and other famous capoeiras like Aberrê.


    [M Cobrinha Verde] put his capoeira first to Curva Grande; later the urban expansion pushed him to the Nordeste de Amaralina suburb, where he opened his academy called Dois-de-Julho.


    M. Cobrinha Verde taught in Chame-Chame and later in Amaralina.

    Assunção, 2002

    For many years he taught in his Centro Esportivo de Capoeira Angola Dois de Julho, with a place in Alto de Santa Cruz, w/ n°, in Nordeste de Amaralina.


    * Difficult to believe since M Bimba already taught in 1918 and M Pastinha in 1910. M Cobrinha Verde was born in 1908.

    Where M Cobrinha Verde taught

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