• Barris, Salvador
     I Regional Capoeira Seminar
    Festival of Capoeira Rhythms 

    4 - 8 June 1980


    Organizer: Frede Abreu
    Participated: M Cobrinha Verde, M João Grande, M Curió, M Gigante, M Eziquiel and others.

    Magalhães, 2011:
    In June 1980 was organized the "First Regional Capoeira Seminar", where the main Bahian masters of different lineages and style got together. Besides bringing on in parallel the "Festival of Capoeira Rhythms", the Seminar also had presentations of Jair Moura, Carlos Sena, Albano Marinho, Itapoan and Ordep Serra. Frede, one of the organizers, explained the motivation of the Seminar:

    «The I Seminar was some three years later. There the process culminated. Because we were like: «how come such a much talked about thing can be dying?». So there we got more mature and managed to make contact with a big part of the Bahian capoeira community and we made various events before that... around every two months we organized an event: Capoeira on the Square, Bahia Station, Capoeira in the Theatre... There was aleady an embryonic capoeira work in the schools, we managed to put João Grande, João Pequeno, Lua de Bobó and Curió inside the schools of the municipal network. It was at that time we redescovered Mestre Cobrinha Verde, thanks to Marcelino, and we had reached the folks of the black movement, the people of the cultural area, we had included Bahiatursa, IPAC, the Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia, so we already had a sufficient body to realize the Seminar. It was a seminar of more or less five days, in Barris and it had an audience of 1500 people. The School of Physical Education participated actively, we went to look for the groups of the suburbs, all these mestres there, Canjiquinha, Caiçara, Vermelho, Pastinha's Academy... Pastinha at that time was hospitalized. (...) That time I think the guys had a lot of force and were proud to be angoleiros. So you had a hegemony of capoeira regional and this hegemony in certain form influenced some thing of capoeira angola, many guys started to use chords, ropes, because one of the strong motivations in capoeira at that time were the disputes in the championships, you get it? And from the championship disputes, the Boxing Federation facilitated the regulation of the activity. So at that time almost all that were founding something, called it association.»

    NB! O DVD chamado O Pulo do Gato marca o ano erradamente como 1968.

    Video of the event of 1980

    O Pulo do Gato

    Photo gallery

    • Cobrinha Verde during the 1° Seminar of Capoeira and festival of Rhythms of Capoeira, in November 1980 [na verdade em junho]

    • M Eziquiel and M Cobrinha Verde

    • Participation certification of M Nó

    June 1980

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