Magazine Desfile
    July 1983

    To see, hear, smell, taste, feel Bahia

    Reynivaldo Brito / Ana Maria Abreu

    [..] Another atraction which is pretty bahian is capoeira, which despite having already reached at least Rio de Janeiro, according to the historians was born also in the slave huts of Bahia. Not much information is needed for who wants to see a capoeira roda, because in Salvador it is practised in many places in the city. Who doesn't know, it's worth saying that capoeira is a sort of dance mixed with fighting, with a lot of sway in the waist and lots of leg play, to the sound of the berimbau, mainly. At least in the exhibitions for the tourists the fight is simulated, but at times can become the real thing. So, be careful.[..]

    The image

    • M Cobrinha Verde
      The Church of Santíssimo Sacramento do Passo
      Photo by Tadeu Lubambo
      Reynivaldo Brito's collection

    Desfile, July 1983

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